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The wellmindspace workbook: a guide for self-discovery and healing was co-authored by Emily Schneider, LMFT & Jennifer Halper, LCSW-R. They came together to write this book in hopes to help anyone who may be struggling with self-injurious behavior. However, the workbook expands beyond self-harm and can also be helpful to anyone who is seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves by offering tools to identify their emotions and patterns of behavior. 


The workbook contains information about what self-harm is and what may lead someone to self-harm, as well as several therapeutic exercises and techniques to address unwanted behaviors. Additionally, guided breaks and several journal pages for free writing are included. 


Emily & Jen strived to make the workbook relatable and simple so that it is user-friendly and non-intimidating. They hope you receive this book with the soulful intention in which it was created - to be helpful, connecting, and healing.

the wellmindspace workbook-a guide for self-discovery and healing (Downloadable)

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