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Jennifer Halper
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Individual Therapy

Opening up to someone new can be both frightening and calming. Participating in individual therapy offers many benefits and can be life-changing. 

Family Therapy

Families don't always agree on things, and each family member may cope with an event in a different way. Bringing families together with an unbiased therapist can be helpful in opening up communication and resolving conflict. 


EMDR therapy is different from traditional talk therapy, as it does not require talking in detail about a distressing issue or completing "homework" between sessions. EMDR therapy, rather than focusing on changing the emotions, thoughts, or behaviors resulting from a distressing issue, allows the brain to resume its natural healing process. (EMDR International Association, 2020)

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Making the decision to seek therapy is exceptionally courageous. For some people, it may be an easy decision but for others, it can be more difficult. My approach to therapy incorporates both of those feelings. My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and heard. It is important to me that I work with you as a whole person, as opposed to solely focusing on your current emotional state or initial reason for seeking therapy.  

About me

Hello, everyone! I am a New York State and Colorado Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a fully Telehealth private practice.  I know firsthand, how effective and life changing therapy is, which is one of the reasons I chose to make this my career! My experience, passion, and motivation to help others is what drives me to always do the best job I can, in all areas of my life. I absolutely love what I do and my goal is to help others reap the benefits of therapy. 

Why Do People Seek Help?

People make the choice to seek therapy for a multitude of reasons. A  majority of my clients suffer from the issues listed below. Other reasons to seek therapy may include: addiction, self-harm, life transitions, trauma, strained family relationships, behavioral issues, and academic issues. If you are seeking a confidential place where you can speak freely, openly, honestly, and feel listened to, then therapy is what you should consider.


Anxiety and Depression


Low Self Esteem





Relationship/Family Stressors

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