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COVID-19 Update

  1. Vaccination is strongly suggested for in-person appointments. I have been fully vaccinated since February 2021. Please let me know (no less than 48 hours prior to your appointment time) if you wish to be seen in-person so that I may plan accordingly. 

  2. Please wear a mask while you’re in the building and during your session. 

  3. If you arrive early, please wait outside of the building until your appointment time. I will come and open the door promptly at your scheduled appointment time. Please send me a text message or call me once you arrive for your appointment time. 

  4. Stay home if you’re sick or if you’ve been exposed. If either of us is experiencing any signs of illness and/or if we’ve been exposed to COVID-19, our best option will be to meet remotely (health permitting, of course) until it is deemed safe to resume in-person visits. 

  5. Ventilation. In an attempt to maximize airflow, I have two high-powered air filters that remove impurities (including viral particles) from the air. The filters will be running the entire time we are in the office. 

  6. Attend at your own risk. While I will do what I can to maintain a COVID-safe environment, I am unable to offer safety-related guarantees. A decision to attend sessions in-person is an agreement to assume the risk of doing so. 


In-office counseling will be most effective if both you and I are comfortable with it. If, at any point, either of us believes that remote sessions would better service the work, we can adjust accordingly.  


I look forward to seeing you!

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